Today Odisha celebrates Kartik Purnima, the full moon day of the Hindu month of Kartik. The following day also ends the month long abstinence from non-vegetarian food for most Odia families.
At the daybreak, men, women & children set afloat little toy boats with lamps, fruits, coins & betel leaves. The festival known as Boita Bandana or Boat Festival is in remembrance of the the glorious history of Kalinga’s rich maritime past.
However for the foodies who have missed the non vegetarian affair, today marks the end of the one month abstinence. So we bring to you a curated list of places where you can celebrate Chadakhai.
  1. Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail Delux

The to go place for Non Vegetarian lovers in Cuttack, Moti Mahal, Cuttack has introduced a special Chadakhai Special Menu for the foodies of the Twin City.
The Shahi Biryani Range at an amazing price of Rs 299* is something you wouldn’t miss.
Also Try: Mutton Champ, Chicken Champ, Keema Kaleji, Rarha Meat
Location: Cantonment Road, Cuttack

      2.   Odisha Hotel

When it comes to Desi Odia Cusine, this place has set a bench mark. The true blue mutton curry & rice lover should definitely visit this place. The Non vegetarian affair at Odisha Hotel is a must try this Chaadkhai.
Must Try: Chingudi Jhol, Mutton-Alu Jhol, Desi Chicken Kassa, Rohi macha besara, Mutton Liver Kassa
Location: Two outlets: One at Sahid Nagar & second at Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar

     3.   Bhata Mansha Salad

This place has carved out a name for itself in terms of Desi Cuisine. It brought a new perspective to the otherwise very humble Bhata Mansha. The mutton lovers are a big fan of the very famous BMS plate. The setup is neat & ambience is cosy.
Must Try: Bhata Mansha Salad, Chicken Curry, Keema Naan, Chingudi Curry, Bamboo Mutton
Location: Two outlets: One near Sainik School & Second at Infocitoy Road, Bhubaneswar

   4.   Malva

Malva has always ensured it comes up with a special occasion specific menu every single time. On the occasion of Chadakhai, Malva has introduced a menu which is a Non Vegetarian Delight.
Must Try: Chicken Champ Masala, Mutton Biryani, Goan Style Crab Curry, Nilgiri Chicken Seekh Kebab
Location : Patia,Opposite Z Esates

    5.   Narula

This award winning restaurant has been consistently consistent in terms of quality and taste. A non-vegetarian’s delight & one of the to go places for lip smacking North Indian cuisine. If you are a lover of the kebabs and the tikkas and the patiala chicken or the chicken bharta, then this is it. Narulas’ serve one of the best non vegetarian food in Bhubaneswar.
Must Try: Prawn Lehsuni, Ajaiwini Fish Tikka, Pahadi Murgh Tikka, Chicken Bharta, Chicken Patiala.

    6.   Curry Nation

If you wish to enjoy a lazy Sunday by your couch and maybe enjoy a movie then you can order your meal from Curry Nation. Curry Nation is a home Delivery service which delivers from its own kitchen. For the Non Veg lovers they got quite an exquisite menu this Chadakhai.
Chadakhai Special: Mutton Homestyle Curry, Prawn Homestyle, Desi Chicken Curry, River Fish Curry. All in the range of Rs170-Rs 250. (Combo Price)
Contact: 7064404141

    7.  Mahabir Galaxy, Cuttack

One of the oldest names in the industry. Mahabir Galaxy is a Biryani lovers paradise. If you are a fan of Biryani then this is it. Pocket friendly and a total value for money.
Must Try: Biryani, Balijatra Special Thunka Puri & tarkari
Location: Bajarakabati Road, Cuttack

    8.  Golden Bird

Golden Bird Restaurant at Hotel Pushpak has introduced a buffet menu which a gastronomic delight. A huge selection of Non vegetarian dishes at an amazing price of Rs 499/- is a must try for a foodie.
Must Try: Special Chadakhai Lunch Buffet.
Location: Kalapana Square, Bhubaneswar

    9.  Happy Eats

Yet another home delivery service which will deliver happiness to your door step if you wish to spend a lazy Sunday at Home. Neatly packed lunch dabba that
Fixed Menu for Chadakhai:Rice, Dal, Chicken/Fish Curry, Chingudi Ghanta Contact: 7008

   10.  Frozit

Frozit is a unique entry in this list. The frozen food menu of Frozit is a revelation. An amazing range of dishes Frozit has in store for the foodies. From lacha paratha, biryani & chicken curry to chicken kebabs, they have it all.
So rush to your nearest Frozit store to buy yourself a Chadakhai Meal.

 11.  Riwaaz

A 30 year old name in the business, Riwaaz serves pretty amazing Indian Cuisine. The tandoori dishes at Riwaaz are a must try and if you are a tandoori chicken lover, do try their Tandoori Chicken.
Must Try: Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Butter Masala, Tikka Masala, American Chopsuey
Location: Khandagiri, Opposite Jagannath Temple Main Gate

    12.  Bijay Dhaba, Cuttack

Bijaya Dhaba is an iconic Dhaba in between Bhubaneswar & Cuttack. After a recent facelift this place has set the foodies go gaga. The Matti hands mutton served in small clay pots is a must try. A small little drive around the outskirts of the city followed by a spectacular lunch at Bijaya Dhaba and your Chadakhai Sunday will be “Oh so sorted”
Must Try: Mati Handi Mutton, Desi Chicken Curry, Chilly Chicken, Prawn Masala.

   13.   Barbeque Nation

When it comes to Non Vegetarian buffet, nothing beats Barbeque Nation. For a hardcore non veg lovers who have abstained from their favorite dishes for almost a month, this place is the perfect place to break the month long fast. The live barbeque will keep getting the refills till till your flag is not down. Unlimited Buffet and a huge dining area.
Location: Near Nalco Square, Towards Sainink School, Bhubaneswar

Special Mention: Balijatra

And this list will be completely incomplete if we miss Balijatra. Balijatra is a foodies’ paradise. It leaves a foodie spoilt for options.From a Foodie point of view, everything you wished to have will be on offer at Balijatra. Its a celebration of food, flavors, colors & culture.Its an experiences that leaves you wanting for more.
Must Try: Thunka Puri(evergreen), biryani, fast food & If you are a MUDHI MANSA fan then do check out this place called Smile Restaurant, Tala Padia, Parking Lane 3.
Contact: 7978254287