I have heard so many claim that I could have been healthy had I not been a member of FoodFindo. Yea we are the BIG bad foodie community, we love our food, we love to check out the new places, we love to cook new recipes, we literally live to eat.

However that’s one side of us. While we promote eating and the joy of eating, we also focus on healthy eating. We have members who despite being one of the most active members of the community have made major transformations just with diet control. So what you eat matters a lot and what if I say that you can eat your favorite food( a little tweaked version) made in a healthy way.

So taking the 1TspOil Legacy of Dhiraj Beuria a member of FoodFindo Community forward we announce the #1TspOilChallenge which invites members to make a 1Tsp Oil recipe and post it on FoodFindo. Then nominate 3 people to carry forward the challenge and in doing this we will build a huge portfolio of #1TspOil recipes for the community that they can refer if they want to continue a healthy lifestyle.

1. Make a #1TspOil Recipe and post it with the process and pictures on FoodFindo.
2. Choose any recipe of your choice.
3. Nominate 3 people to carry forward the challenge and they do the same.
4. Use #1TspOilChallenge #FoodFindoRecipes

The recipes will be monitored by Dhiraj Beuria who has been a trendsetter and has mastered the art of Zero Oil cooking in our community.

We are also glad to announce that MagicWall, a Bhubaneswar based startup that makes your living room and kitchen walls customised and beautiful has also partnered with us in making this challenge a success. We have a small token of appreciation for the first 100 recipes from MagicWall & PrintView and few surprise gifts for some of the best ones. Also ..if you end up making a ZERO OIL RECIPE, then we got something extra special for you 🙂

We will typically look for three aspects in a recipe:
1. Innovation
2. Technique
3. Presentation

So be a sport and lets start the challenge !! So Dhiraj..here we go, you nominate the first 3 people. 🙂