Announcing the second leg of Grace A Meal initiative at Malva Restaurant, Patia, Bhubaneswar. 
Starting TOMORROW (2nd August 2017) you can gift a meal to a food insecured by buying our Grace Coupon,  which is available at our partner restaurant. 
Walk into Malva Restaurant and ask for your Grace Coupon. At the end of three months, the total number of coupons generated by the diners will be the total meals generated during the period. Malva will contribute an equal number of meals to the total figure and we will gift the less privileged of the society an experience that we share with our lovely foodie community. 
The first phase got an overwhelming response in Cuttack and we look forward to replicating the same in Bhubaneswar.
So next time you dine at Malva Restaurant, Bhubaneswar, don’t forget to ask for your Grace Coupon.