Happy to share our Recipe Contributor Monalisa Mehrotra’s version of the good old Chuda, Kadali, Nadiya Chakata . Monalisa Mehrotra is based in Pune & blogs at Bellydriven. To check out more exciting recipes by Monalisa, check her blog Bellydriven and subscribe for updates.

One of my earliest memories is of my Ai saying- Peto kana hauchi? Chuda Kadali khai de, saboo bhalo heye jiba…As I said in one of my instagram posts, this recipe is every Odia mom’s peto kharab remedy and on the go breakfast as it keeps one full for a long long time. This recipe will definitely not make into cookbooks but this is a part of every Odia child’s genetic constitution. I grew up with this and now when I see my little one enjoying it the same way. I give myself a pat on my back all the while wondering why I didn’t post about this before.

So here is goes, the basic version, you can change or customize it the way you want… For the uninitiated Chuda in Odia means poha or flattened rice and kadali is banana and we call it Chuda Kadali Chakata which means a mash of poha and bananas. It takes all of hardly any time to get it ready when you have the ingredients at hand. So go ahead and get cooking.

  • Ingredients: This make two bowls
  • 1 cup flattened rice/ Poha
  • 3 bananas (I used the elaichi variant)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 3 table spoon grated coconut
  • And toasted nuts of your choice, I used cashews


  1. Wash and soak the Poha with luke warm water for about 5 minutes, the trick here is to use the thick variant,     varieties like nylon poha do not work well here as they become a complete mush when soaked
  2. Drain all the water and transfer it into a mixing bowl add two bananas, sugar, milk and one table spoon of the grated coconut.

  1. Mash well
  2.  Now transfer the mash into a serving bowl, garnish with sliced banana, grated coconut, fruit of your choice (my little one wanted grapes) and toasted nuts.
  3. Serve immediately as the bananas tend to become black if left to sit out for a long time

Yes it is that simple.
Notes- You can replace sugar with jaggery, I ran out of jaggery in my pantry
Also if you don’t prefer milk, substitute it with some yoghurt.

It looks like this minus the grapes…

This is hearty, filling and totally guiltfree…Enjoy