#EGGBURGER again experimenting a new recipe. Came out so well that you will avoid the market made BURGER


The exact origin of the BURGER may never be known with any certainty. Most historians believe that it was invented by a cook who placed a Hamburg steak between two slices of bread in a small town in Texas, and others credit the founder of White Castle for developing the “Hamburger Sandwich.”

Whatever be the place of origin, BURGER is no longer restricted to the western countries. Its popularity has made it travel towards every corner of the Globe.

The two parts of a bun( upper and lower )are separated and joined again with various kinds of stuffing. There is no limit to the number of types of patties ( or bada/ cutlets ) to be used in BURGER, every moment we come across a new invent

I also tried my hands in making ” HEALTHY AND NUTRITIONAL BURGER ” .. This recipe is also tried by me first time. #Foodfindorecipesinspiration


In my type of healthy burger, I have included various Ingredients which I thought would be healthy for my family . 💪 My daughters were literally running behind me sice 5 – 6 days : ” Mummy , BURGER kaab banaenge ???”

1 ) BURGER buns
2 ) Butter
3 ) Cheddar Cheese
4 ) Mayonnaise
5 ) Tomato Sauce
6 ) 4 spinach leaves ( instead of lettuce )for 1 burger

7 ) FOR PATTIES : boiled and mashed potatoes, boiled green peas, homemade paneer ( Chena), red green yellow and orange Capsicum all finely chopped, chopped garlic, chopped onion leaves, grated Carrots, pepper powder, 3 teaspoons of maida, 3 teaspoons of rice flour, salt, dry mango powder and some crushed Cashews.

8 ) Refined oil
9 ) Some minced Soya ( instead of bread crumbs )


1 ) Take 300 ml of milk, boil it , put half of the lemon juice and homemade chena is ready.. strain it and keep aside.

2 ) Take 6 to 8 whole spinach leaves, wash them properly, put them in boiling water for 3 seconds and remove them from the hot water gently and keep aside.

3 ) Take some soya mince in a plate and keep aside.

4 ) Break 2 eggs in a Bowl, mix some pepper powder and salt into it and keep aside.

5 ) Now make the patties with clean hand. Mix all the ingredients mentioned for making patties. Take a small portionof the mixture made in your hand and give it a round and flat cutlet shape..( Before making this, apply few drops of oil on your hands so that the patties won’t stick ).Now dip the patties carefully into the egg mixture ( vegetarians can skip this step ) in the bowl and then coat it with the minced Soya in the plate. Gently put it on the hot tawa greased with butter . When one side is done , cook the other side and remove the patties from the tawa and keep aside. Continue the same process until the required amount of patties are done. One patties for one burger.

6 ) In the same tawa , grease some butter. Cut the BURGER buns into two equal parts horizontally. Put the buns into the tawa and grill them both sides until they are golden brown in colour.

7) Now, apply some Mayonnaise and Tomato sauce to both the parts of the buns which will be facing inwards.mix it properly..

8 ) Put the spinach leaves carefully. Then the Cheddar Cheese and now the patties. Grate some butter on the top of the patties and then close the BURGER with its upper bun ..

9 ) Garnish the BURGER with some finely chopped onion leleaves,rated Butter and grated red Capsicum..

This burger contains lots of healthy ingredients in it like paneer, cashews, soya , vegetables etc. So, didn’t feel the requirements or any more sliced fruits or vegetables.

Happy eating