Cuttack and Dahibara Aloodum are synonymous. When it comes to Cuttack’s favourite snack, its undoubtedly Dahibara Aloodum. The hundreds of dahibara vendors across Cuttack city dish out some of the best Dahibara Aludum in the state.

On 1 March 2019 we are celebrating our favorite snack Dahibara Aloodum as World Dahibara Aloodum Dibasa. On this day we urge the foodies across the globe to make, buy their plate of goodness and share it on their social media handles. The idea is to popularize the snack and make it a truly global sensation.

Hence we bring to you few must-try places in Cuttack if you are looking for Dahibara Aloodum in the city. Now we have curated the list as per the timing. This dish is available in the city across all possible timings. Breakfast to Dinner it’s your to go dish at all hours.

Early Morning:
0630 hrs- 0800 hrs

  1. Bhagi
    Location: Opposite New Stewart Scool, Mission Road

Bang opposite New Stewart School, there is a small vendor who has been dishing out one of the best Dahibara Aloodum in the city for more than 50 years now. The shop run by his sons is a crowd favourite and the loyals swear by it.

The aloodum is delicate in flavour and not overly loaded with spices. The dahibaras are soft and break in pieces soaking the juices of the aludum gravy. But make sure you reach early morning because he gets stocked out real soon.

Late Morning:
0830 hrs-1100 hrs:

2. Ranka Dahibara
Location: Near BOSE Entrance gate

Those who love I, they swear by it. It’s certainly one of the best options during morning hours and within the city and not towards Bidanasi area. If you haven’t tried it yet, do check it out.

3. Punia Dahibara
Location: Take the road next to Bidanasi Square

One of the few people in the city who specializes in Bidanasi style of dahibara aloodum(read Bidanasi Style Dahibara Aloodum). The shop jointly run by the father son duo makes exquisite aludum and delicate dahibaras.

The buttermilk is absolutely astounding and the contrasting flavours of the dahibara and the spicy aloodum adds magic to the dish. The plate is topped with green chillies and coriander only. You also have the option of ghugani. However, tastes best only with Dahibara and Aloodum.
This is a FoodFindo recommended place.

1100hrs-1400 hrs

4.  Subhas Dahibara Aloodum
Location: Opposite St. Josephs High School

One of the most different take on the dahibara aloodum in the entire Cuttack. Subhas Dahibara is different on all levels. The spice levels are moderate, the ghugani is different and your foodie journey in the city of Dahibara is incomplete if you haven’t had Subhas Dahibara.

All Day
1000 hrs-2100 hrs

5. Vendors Opposite Barabati Stadium
Location: Opposite Barabati Stadium, Horse Gate

Opposite Barabati Stadium there are many vendors, food trucks that set up shop during these hours and target mainly the college crowd who look for a quick lunch. The outlets sell dahibara throughout the day and one can find these stalls selling dahibara aloodum

Early Evening

6. Raghu Dahibara
Location: Bidanasi Chak

He is the man, he is the legend, he is the man who became the face of the Cuttack Dahibara Aloodum on social media. When social media became a platform where food vendors started getting appreciated, he was among the first ones to be getting public attention. It comes from the huge, massive fan following he has among the Katakias.

There is a mixed bag of reviews from different sections, but it’s a common consensus, that Raghu Dahibara is the biggest name in the Dahibara business.

Spiciness on top of spiciness, an aloodum gravy spicier than anyone, this is not for people with low tolerance for spice levels, interestingly that’s not the case in Cuttack, we love spicy food. The flavours that come from the garam masalas and the consistency of the gravy blends well with the soft, delicate dahibaras. Dig in your fingers(no spoons) mix it, mash it and enjoy your plate of goodness of classic Bidanasi Style of Dahibara Aloodum.


6. Ishwar Dahibara
Location: Biju Patnaik Chak

Iswar Dahibara Aloodum is a legend in itself. Close to 45 years old, this shop has been serving a slightly different take on the Dahibara. He sells a mix of sweet and normal buttermilk dahibaras with ghugani and aloodum. The toppings are generous and is the closest to what you can call to a Dahibara Aloodum chat.

It’s a blast of flavours and Ishwar has an entirely separate clientele that must have been a regular for ages now. Ask for the sev separately in the end. J

Late Evenings
1830 hrs-2130 hrs

7. Trinath Dahibara Aloodum
Location: Kanika Chak

Trinath is the most glamorous take on Dahibara Aloodum in Cuttack. The aloodum is the USP of this place and people swear by it. It’s a chat, it’s a blast of flavours, it has some really amazing contrasting flavours that makes it so amazing. So if you want a slightly different take on Dahibara Aloodum then do try the Trinath Dahibara.

Late Night Options:

*Batu, Nayasadak, Near Anantabalia
*Mahadev Point, Nayasadak
*Mohan Dahibara , Below Emarti Devi College, Nayasadak
All these places serve till stocks last.

So go grab your plate of Dahibara Aloodum and enjoy the day and share it with the world through your social media handles.