Been a very long time since I have been out of this game. While the community was growing I kind of neglected the restaurant reviews which were always close to my heart. So a lot has been happening in the Bhubaneswar restaurant circuit and lots of amazing places have opened up in the recent days. Restaurants introduced the gimmicks and all that jazz which probably pull the crowd. However, I am a firm believer that though gimmicks are fun and essential but at the end of the day, it’s the food that will bring repeat customers and create a loyal base of customers.

At times even the most simple food if served in a manner that not just tickles your taste buds but touches your soul can be the perfect fix for a foodie wanderer.

A lot of you I’am sure swear by the Mutton Curry-Rice Combo. It’s comfort food and that makes you happy. My eternal search for the absolute bliss ended when I checked into this restaurant. A small, cozy place tucked in a lane behind the hustle and bustle of Bhawani Complex, serves one of the best Mutton Curry that you will find in the twin city.

Odisha Hotel has been a revelation. I won’t delve into other dishes and would rather stick to the star performer of this restaurant. The mutton curry at Odisha Hotel is the closest that you can compare to your mom’s home-cooked mutton curry.

Delicate, tender, juicy pieces of mutton cooked slowly in a curry that packs flavor & character will make a true blue Mutton Lover like me go absolutely crazy. Mix some of that curry in the rice, add a chunk of the potato, a piece of that juicy mutton & you will feel “Oh so sorted!”. The Mutton Curry-Rice and Salad is a must try when you are visiting this place.

At somewhere in the range of Rs 200-270 for a half plate and full plate respectively, the mutton curry is certainly one of the pricier ones in the twin city but then it’s worth every penny.

Apart from the pretty consistent quality of food, the Brassware, no frills dining setup, ample parking space and uber efficient service boys make this place one the few places which I would rate a 4.5 on a scale of 5. However for the premium feel you can try their Chandrasekharpur outlet.

Odia Cuisine is pretty amazing and an absolute treat for a foodie because of the simple style of cooking and this place has certainly made a good effort in serving the desi cuisine like no other.

I will be back to Odisha Hotel very soon to satiate my hunger pangs and relish the lovely Mutton Curry. Till then ..ciao.

Rohit Srivastava