Try this instant healthy standalone fusion recipe. Bored of regular Custard with fruits!
Then you can try this yummy crunchy unique healthy combo of ingredients to your regular custard. Kids to elders will enjoy it very much as it gives the taste of yummy creamy ice cream flavour.

Recipe Details:


Full fat Cream milk 1 litre
Custard powder 6 to 7 tsp
Paneer cubes 100gm
Choco delight cornflakes 1cup or
Muesli half cup
Choco chips half a cup
Sugar 4tsp

How to make Custard paneer Casata | Process: 

First, boil the milk on simmer.
Then take 5tsp of custard powder in a cup and add cold milk to it to prepare the mixture
Once ready add it to the boiling milk. Keep stirring to prevent lumps.
Now add sugar and cubes of paneer to it.
Let it boil on simmer for 30 mins till the custard becomes thick in consistency
After its done bring it to cool
Refrigerate for 3 to 4 hrs.
Now add choco delight cornflakes to the custard and choco chips. Again refrigerate for 1 hour
While serving garnish with strawberries and serve chilled
My Tip: Add as many healthy ingredients for garnish. Serve chilled

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