When you turn the pages of history , you will find so many lost recipes of Odisha !!but, if you travel to the interior, traditional part of Odisha, you will be lost in the sky full of beautiful stars ; those stars are our ” traditional odia recipies ” which are gradually being added to the list of lost recipies !! But , in the hearts of every Odias and people related to Odisha , these recipes are still alive. The authenticity, simplicity and purity of those recipes can never be lost from the world until we foodies are there 😊😊

“Odisha ra pratyaka sahara , rajya abong gali kandi re odia ra mahaka, odia khayda ra sugandha ru milithae. Odia khayda ra chahida ete j kabita nka kabi, kalakar nka chabi , gitikara nka gita, lekhakankara rachana emetiki odia chalacitra re odia khadya ra garima bisayare dekhibaku milithae . Bhaja, sijha ru neiki poda parjyanta !!! Sabuthire Odia khadya Tara mahaka chadideithae” Semeti eka khadya mun apananka agare prastuta karibaku jauchi jahara na heuchi ” PIAJA SAGA AND ALOO POSTO ”

Also called as” onion leaves and potatoes cooked in poppy seeds paste ”

Ingredients Required: 
1) Onion leaves or spring onion a bunch or 2
2) 2 medium sized potatoes
3) 2 to 3 garlic cloves
4) 2 green chilly , 1 dry red chilly
5) 1 tomato
6) 3 teaspoon of poppy seeds
7) salt according to taste
8 ) Haldi powder
9 ) Cooking oil
10 )Some panch phutan

Method :
Below is the pictorial explanation of the method

  1. The basic ingredients: spring onions or piaja saaga, garlic, poppy seeds, green chillies, potatoes and tomato

2. Wash the vegetables and chop them as shown in the picture above . Make a fine paste of poppy seeds , garlic cloves and green chillies and keep aside.

3. In a hot kadei, add cooking oil. When the oil starts heating, add panch phutan, dry red chilly, chopped potatoes, salt ( for potatoes ) And haldi powder. Stir until the potatoes turns golden red in colour.

4. Now add the chopped onion leaves and salt ( for onion leaves ). Mix properly .cover and stir in between.

5. When the onion leaves are cooked 80 %, add the poppy seeds paste and chopped tomatoes Into it. Stir until the curry becomes dry or leaves oil. Add half cup of water to it , mix it properly and cover it for 2 minutes (Stir in between ).

6. It’s all ready to be served.

Originally Posted in FoodFindo by Rita Vidhan Chandra.