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Tag: paneer


Paneer Basundi Recipe 

Recipe by Bishnupriya Pattanaik Ingredients : Milk 500ml Paneer 50g Sugar 75g Milk made 50g Khoya 59g Cardamon powder 1/2 tsp Kesar threads 4-5 Dry fruits chopped 1/4 cup Preparation First boil milk on high flame Boil it on slow flame for 10 mins Add…


Lahori Paneer Recipe 

Recipe by Harapriya Pattnaik  Recipe name: LAHORI PANEER Prep time: 25mins Cook time: 15mins Total time: 40 mins Serves:2 ______________________________________________________ INGREDIENTS 200g Paneer cut into in triangular shape Vegetable oil for grilling the paneer and making gravy 7-8garlic cloves and 1inch ginger 1green chilly –…


Paneer Baida Roti 

Recipe by Priyanka Sastri:  Mumbai’s famous Baida Roti, usually made chicken and mutton keema but I made it with paneer and trust me its delicious Ingredients Maida Salt Water Oil Crumbled paneer Chopper onions Chopped tomatoes Ginger garlic paste Chopped green chillies Chilli powder Turmeric…


Pudina Paneer Twirls recipe 

Recipe by Himasweta Pattanaik Mahapatra:  Ingredients:- Maida 1cup, Fresh pudina leaves handful, Ghee 1 tsp , Paneer ( cottage cheese) – two tsp, Ajwain – tsp , Oil – for deep frying,cashew 150 gms, Onion 2 no, Black cardamom 3 to 4 no, Green cardamom…


Shahi Rajwada Paneer 

Recipe by Sinorita Dash Ingredients: Paneer Cubes: 200 gm Cashew nut paste: ½ bowl Chopped Onion: ½ Bowl : Chopped Ginger – 1 small piece Chopped Green Chili: 3 piece Coconut Milk : ½ cup ( Optional, in case you don’t have, you can use…


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