If there is one dish that can ignite more emotions than any other dish in Odisha, then its Dahibara Aloodum. This one dish can bring people closer, communities closer and can make a foodie happy.

Aloodum dahibara is the favourite snack of Odisha. It has two basic elements. One is the curd water soaked dahibara which is made of urad daal and second a spicy gravy based aloo dum curry. This dish is famous across the state and every part of the state serves in a different style. Cuttack is famous for the Cuttack Style of Dahibara Aloodum. This city is the cradle of this famous snack and in the city itself, there is a variety which is different from the others.

When it comes to Cuttack, one style is the Bidanasi Style of Dahibara Aloodum and the second is rest of them.Bidanasi is an area in Cuttack which boasts of some of the best Dahibara Aloodum shops in the city and a lot of Dahibara vendors are from this area.

Bidanasi style is the purist style of Dahibara aloodum and is unique in its own way. Bidanasi style is the minimalist style of this snack and the rest of them are the glamorized version of this otherwise humble dish. The Bidanasi style comes without all that jazz, the rest of them are loud and scream here I am ,look at me.  The Bidanasi style of Dahibara Aloodum is plain simple Dahibara topped with a spicy red aloodum curry and green chilies. One thing about vendors from this area is they don’t offer spoons to eat and ask you to use your hands to enjoy the dish in the desi way. The others in the city are good as well and offer more variation to the dahibara. The toppings include ghugani, sev, onion, green chilly, sweet dahibara etc.

In other parts of the state, you will see various variations of the snack. While Dhenkanal makes the best dahibara, Cuttack prides itself for the aludum and Bhubaneswar has a unique topping of its own which is unique and adds a lot of dimensions to the food.

So to celebrate this plate of love, Rohit Srivastava from FoodFindo and Vishwajeet Dash from JustVish decided to mark a day in the calendar when we all come out and celebrate our favourites snack. We decided on 1st March to celebrate World Dahibara Aloo Dum Dibasa. On this day we request foodies across the globe to go out and enjoy their favourite snack and share it on their social media handles. If you can’t buy one then make a plate of goodness and share it with the world.Lets use Social Media to popularize this dish and make it a global sensation.

Name of Event: World Dahibara Aloodum Dibasa

Hashtag: #dahibaraaloodumdibasa

Date: 1 March 2019

How to be part of it:

  1. Buy or make a plate of Dahibara Aloodum
  2. You can buy it from your favorite vendor.
  3. Describe the dish and details of the vendor.
  4. Share it on your social media handles (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs)
  5. Now you can enjoy your plate of Dahibara Aloodum.

So calling out all foodies across the globe to be part of this global celebration of our favorite snack and help to popularize it.